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What is the reseller price?

Reseller account minimum top up price is 50$.

What reseller account can do?

Reseller account can create any software admin panel at 50% low price than normal prices on our website and You can make money by reselling the software admin panels.

How does reseller balance works?

If you have 50$ in your reseller account. When you create 1 admin panel for 1 month. You will charged 1.5$ and your final reseller balance will be 48.5$

When will reseller account expire?

Reseller account will never expire. When you run out of balance. You just need to refill the balance so you can create more admin panels.

How to buy reseller account?

Visit PM Buy page and select Server as Reseller. Complete the payment using perfect money. You will receive your reseller account instantly after you made the payment.

How can I buy reseller account If I don’t have perfect money funds?

Visit the Buy page you will find alternative payment options to buy reseller. For Indian users state bank account details available. Make the money deposit in given bank account and inform us by emailing or by contacting on chat.

If you have further questions email us at

Reseller Account Details